A high level GEM library for TOS system

Current version: 2.0.1 (22 June 2006)
Authors : Arnaud BERCEGEAY, Standa OPICHAL & Dominique BEREZIAT
Licence : Open Source project covered by the LGPL licence

What's new

windom 2.0.1 has been released !

This is mainly a bug-fix release of windom 2.0.0. Most fixes concern a better compatibilty with "old" AES :

If you are a windom-1.21 user, a dedicated page of the documentation explains how to migrate your code to be compliant with new windom2 API.

Quick presentation

Windom is a C library to make GEM programming very easy. With the help of windom, you can focus on programming the real job of your application, and let windom handle complex and "automatic" GEM stuff (toolbar, forms, menu in windows...). If your application is running on a GEM layer that lacks some features, then windom will try to emulate them the best it can (for example iconification of windows).

If you want to see what a windom application code looks like, you can visit the windom tutorial (part of the windom documentation).


A big effort has been done to have an up-to-date documentation of windom, so don't hesitate to use it !


You will find all released binaries in the File Release System.

If you are looking for the very last unreleased version of windom, just get the sources from the CVS Repository, and compile them by yourself.

Getting involved & Feedback

If you are interested in the developpement of windom, you can subscribe to the windom mailing list. This is the right place to discuss about windom futur and to get informed of new release.

We also uses the bug tracker and feature request. All changes commited there are automatically sent to the windom mailing list, so that windom gurus could answer the request, and other windom users kept informed of the progress.

If you want to follow windom internal evolution, you can subscribe to the windom-cvs mailing list.


Windom extensions are just normal libraries, but based on windom functions. There's nothing magical in the design of "windom extensions". There is for example the DFRM library, to dynamically build forms at runtime, the GSlib library to automatise the handle of GEMScript protocol, or woutlib to manage a window that contains text (kind of stdout output in window)...