DFRM: Dynamic FoRMs (for WinDom)

Current version: 0.4.5 (december 2010)
Authors : Dominique BÉRÉZIAT
Licence : Open Source project covered by the LGPL licence

What's new

version 0.4.5 (december 2010):

DFRM, what is it?

DFRM is an extension of WinDom allowing it to build dynamically GEM object tree for displaying dialog forms, desktop or window menu. An object tree structure is designed in the C source and not in an external ressource file. This approach has many advantages :

  1. You does not need a resource editor,
  2. Many tasks in a resource editor are painfull when you have to adjust at pixel precision your objects. With DFRM you have a better control of object size and object position. You can give directives of alignement and spacing between objects.
  3. With DFRM it is very easy to build big structure of objects (e.g. sliders) ready to use.

Programming with DFRM is very similar to widget libraries used in Unix world (like TK ou GTK). We provide a full documentation with some examples and tutorials.


  1. Online documentation
  2. Tutorials


DFRM archives are available in this directory.