Global presentation of windom

For the programmer...
Windom is a C library to make GEM programming very easy. With the help of windom, you can focus on programming the real job of your application, and let windom handle complex GEM stuff (toolbar, forms, menu in windows...). If GEM lacks some features, then windom will try to emulate them the best it can (for example iconification of windows).

For the end-user...
Nothing has to be installed. Windom is a static C library, so you just have to provide your application (linked against windom and all other requiered libraries), and that's all.

Nevertheless, the user may customize the application thanks to a configuration file or userdef libraries (skin for forms). See Configuration of windom for details.

Windom applications should work on any "atari" machine and clones (falcon, hades, milan, aranym...) and with any GEM version (all TOS Atari version, Milan TOS, MagiC, MagicMac, MultiTOS, N.AES, MyAES, XaAES...).

Programming windom application
At the moment, windom is available for gcc (32 bit ints), but it might be compiled for the following compilers too:

Windom requiers the following libraries to be installed (all of them are available for the same compilers) :

The general idea of windom is to have an API similar to standard AES programming. As consequence, windom functions are very similar to their GEM homolog (but with extended actions). For example, using windom, we never call the AES function appl_init(), but its windom equivalent ApplInit().

Windom extensions are just standard libraries, but based on windom functions. There's nothing magical in the design of "windom extensions".

There is for example the DFRM library, to dynamically build forms at runtime, the GSlib library to automatise the handle of GEMScript protocol, or woutlib to manage a window that contains text (kind of stdout output in window).

Visit the windom site for a list of available extensions.

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