Usage of windom

WinDom requires two external libraries:

In your makefile, you have to add these two libraries.

Exemple for makefile:

 LDFLAGS = -lwindom -lgem -lldg 

In your source code, you just have to include the windom header :

 #include <windom.h> 

Please note that gemlib headers are automatically included by the windom header files, so you don't have to explicitly include gem.h or gemx.h.

Note for other compilers:

for GCC2.81, sozobon and purec, gemlib 0.43.6+ is required (a function added in gemlib 0.43.5 is missing for other compilers than gcc -- this has been fixed in gemlib 0.43.6).

example for pure c project with LDG and GEMLIB libraries:

    ;; Pure C projet file (standard)

link libc instead of ilibc (===> sozobonx) (TODO)

stack size set to 32k

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